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New blog –>

I had a blogger account at one time, but I don’t remember what happened to it… maybe I ditched it and started this one?! but yeah….I’m going to try blogging there from now on 😀 if all else fails, I might have to return to this one…

Commen on my new one if you came from this blog xDDD;; oh wait that’s no one, right?…. -sigh-



Planning on ditching this blog in the next week or so, probably. I’m on my winter break, so got lots of time (sort of).

I’ll post the link up when I finally get around to making a new one (not necessarily on wordpress, either… but idk).

And gosh my family is driving me a little crazier every day… Don’t think I’m taking it all very well, either, but I’m sorta trying. And my parents get mad at me a lot lately D: so I guess I’m looking at perfection. Oh, wait…..

Really wish I could go to Korea right nowwwwwwwww.

Gmarket Tutorial Video (Credit: TeacherInKorea)

Listening to – Gimme the Light – 2PM

This is a nice little tutorial that someone made about using Gmarket 🙂 Credit goes to TeacherInKorea @YouTube^^


Gmarket is really handy and I imagine it’s a pretty nice site to use in Korea, as well. There is really sooo much stuff available there and the fact that you can view it in English is nice, too; though, as I have warned before, it comes in handy being able to read Korean when you are selecting items because many are not listed with letters and numbers. For example, some items will be listed as “A107” or “D45”, but others will say things like “예쁜티셔츠” (okay, I don’t know lol). Sometimes they will also use the same number/letter twice (or even more than twice) but the words following tell you which item is which.

Hope the tutorial helps you out, if you’re having some trouble. It really can be kind of overwhelming at first, but Gmarket is an overall great site with a huuuge amount of stuff to offer~

Asian Clothing (Gmarket FTW~), and etc.

Listening to – Because of You – Ne-yo

I have been looking for some sites that sell Korean/Asian style clothing. I found a few sites, other than the typical YesStyle, Asia Jam, and those kinds of sites… But I still find that Gmarket is my favorite. The prices are AMAZING. 🙂 But the shipping is kind of a killer. Still, I just love all of the stuff on Gmarket! The thing about other sites is that a lot of them have small selections or the prices are really high. And other Korean sites have really high shipping, too, so it’s not like Gmarket is being entirely outrageous. Plus, Gmarket has some of the cutest stuff, a lot 0f which can’t be found on other sites. (The earrings are to die for <3)

And, in other news… Umm… it’s Thanksgiving Break now! Sooo happy. I have a lot of stuff I need to do, buuut it’s okay… YAY FOR BREAK. I’ve been needing this for a while now. Gonna see some family and eat some food at a restaurant for Turkey Day. Won’t be the most exciting day of my life, but it’ll be okay, I hope.

I’m really tempted to pull out my PS2 and play some .hack or something. .hack is pretty much the only game I play anymore… lol. Last weekend, I was looking for my GBA SP, but I couldn’t find it!! I don’t remember where I put it (if it was even me who saw it last), so I’m sad about that… I wanted to play Fire Emblem or Harvest Moon or something (two of my most favorite games of all time xD). Actually, I was going to play Pokemon (goin back to the Gameboy Color days) but I couldn’t find the games, either……. Guess I need to go through my stuff (although half of it is in another place from when my mom decided to freak out and “clean” while I was at camp…o__o;;).

There’s so much stuff that I want to say these days, haha. I wrote a letter to Jay’s pastor the other day… Gonna send it when I remember-_-. Awkward? NO! And…. PEACE OUT.

Some Good Music for a Good Mood

I love music, so I thought I’d share some songs that I’ve been listening to a lot recently (including the past day or two…:p)

  • 부른다 (Calling You) – 서인국 (Seo In Gook)
  • 너라고 (It’s You) – 슈퍼주니어 (Super Junior)
  • Heartbeat | 기다리다 지친 다 (Tired of Waiting) | 너에게 미쳤었다 (I Was Crazy For You) – 2PM
  • Nagisa – Spitz
  • Just Friends – Musiq Soulchild
  • Friday Night – G.O.D
  • You and I – 박봄 (Park Bom)
  • Love Like This (너에게/For You) – SS501

Note to self: make that CD for “N”! -___-;

Gmarket Shopping Ideas

Listening to – Nagisa – Spitz

Looking at Gmarket, trying to decide on what to buy? What’s something you can get on Gmarket, but wouldn’t necessarily be able to find in the U.S.? Well, here are some ideas! (Sorry for the lack of images…)

1. Earrings
Okay, obviously you can buy these all over America, but there are sooo many different kinds of earrings that you can purchase on Gmarket. I’ve bought about 20 different pairs from Gmarket and have gotten a TON of comments on all of them. While you can get some plain earrings like colored hoops or little balls (etc.), there are a lot of earrings that you normally wouldn’t see in the U.S.! I’ve seen earrings that looked like 3-D apples, giraffes, Doraemon, dogs, teddy bears, Mickey Mouse, and tons of other things. There are also a lot of really pretty earrings that sparkle and shine~ The nice thing is that you can get nice looking earrings for pretty cheap (some around 1,000W, which is less than 1USD!) .

2. Designer/Brand Name Apparel
Again, another thing you can buy in America… Buuut you can get some things for a lot cheaper through Gmarket! (Probably not 100% legit items, but they look like the real deal if they aren’t…). I’ve purchased items like Free City and WESC/Weicon for much less than the price they would usually cost. I am very satisfied with these items, including the look and quality.

3. Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies
Obviously, you can get some really “unique” clothing from Korea (just like any other Asian country, pretty much). You can get cute shirts with things like pandas and anime-style girls on them or frilly blouses–basically anything you cold think of. They also have some hoodies with ears on them! (So adorable, haha~) You would be hard pressed to find clothing like this in America. The downfall, however, is that shipping is kind of expensive on clothing… (Estimated weight is 0.6kg.)

4. Other Random Ideas
Stationery, notebooks, diaries and planners, beauty supplies (makeup, etc.), food (really…?ㅇㅈㅇ), watches, Korean music and movies, electronics, and so much more! Just search random stuff until you find what you watn XD;;


Listening to – Because of You – Ne-yo

I used to have this major Eunhyuk… “obsession”. But now I find that I am really fond of Park Jaebum. Honestly, if this whole thing hadn’t happened with him, I probably still would have no idea who he was. But hearing all these stories about his trainee days and stuff just makes me really inspired by him. He worked so hard to get to where he used to be. So whenever I feel like giving up or feel like things are really tough, I think of Jay and try to push myself forward. Not 100% effective or anything, but it definitely gives me some motivation.

All in all, I would really like to meet him one dayㅠㅠ Maybe it can happen?? Haha… I can only pray really hard!!

(Sorry this post was so short… I gotta get back to my homework! OTL)